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Welcome on my brand new website reactor4.be, online since the 21th of novembre 2008. On september 2nd and 3th, 2008 i've explored the forbidden 30K-zone of Chernobyl to have a personal view on the disaster and the consequences of the nuclear accident. I wish you a pleasant stay and feel free shoot your opinion in my guestbook. I also want to express my special thanks to the sponsors for their support and everybody who made this unforgettable experience possible.

I have extended my view on the disaster with a new trip to the forbidden zone. A 5 days trip from 5 till 9 october 2009. 6 New gallery's and a brand new story can be found on this website. Finally i reveal the name of the company who made this all happen, look in the contact-page for more information and please stop asking me who's my travel agent...


Reactor4.be proudly presents:

a 12-page article in Middle East's Soura Magazine
Issue 29 "Traces and relics" cover artwork and
my work in Chernobyl. Download the PDF-file.





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